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Lack of Programming Flexibility

Question asked by gnuarm on Oct 18, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2010 by gnuarm

I looked at the SigmaDSP products a couple of years ago and see that   these devices would be great to use in my application domain.  But the   limited functionality in the module library prevents me from using   devices to solve my problems.  Assembly or other language programming is   not allowed.  So how do your customers write software for functions   that aren't in the library?  It looks like if the function customers   need is not in the library, they simply can't use this family of parts.   I looked again recently and still don't see a user programming  capability.


My application involves synchronizing to a carrier,   demodulating the signal and then outputing symbols.  There is also the   reverse process to generate the same signal.  I have looked in the   library and don't see a way to perform this function to meet my   requirements. So how can I use the SigmaDSP devices?