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ADP1712 Enable Pin Management

Question asked by NevadaMark Employee on Nov 18, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2014 by NevadaMark

I am considering the use of the ADP1712 (+3.3V output) to power the ADIS1620x devices in a reference design. The ADIS1620x works best when its start-up waveform resembles a linear ramp that moves from 0 to 3V in <100us. Using the math on page 10 of the ADP1712 datasheet, it appears like using a 150pF capacitor on the SS pin will support this type of ramp rate, but I am wondering how this will respond to a slowly increasing Vin. It looks like the UVLO function will only provide protection for Vin < 2V.


This leads to a few questions, which we would appreciate help with if possible:

  1. do you have a simple reference circuit for managing the Enable pin, so that they device will not start until Vin is sufficiently high to support the desired ramp on the ADP1712's output?
  2. Does the enable pin get pulled low like the SS pin when the device is not functioning? 
  3. With this, would connecting the Enable pin to VDD through a resistor, while having a capacitor on the Enable pin work? 


Many thanks!