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AUDIO FILTER NOOB!! What characteristics for bandpass filter?

Question asked by Valvetrain on Nov 18, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 11, 2014 by Valvetrain

Hi.I'm a noob to designing active filters.  I need to design and build a very narrowband-pass filter audio amp.  I know the frequecy band I want to amplifiy, and I know exactly how it should sound through my headphones, I've been playing with AD's Filter Wizard but I've no idea what characteristics I should be aiming for in the frequency responce curve!  Here are the details of the device:


Frequecy band: 6.5-8 kHz

Input device: piezo transducer

Output device: 8 ohm headphones

Power source: 1 x 9V battery


The sound response I'm looking for is a strong amplification of the 6.5-8 kHz band, but with a very sharp roll-off either side of this.  All I should be able to hear through the headphones is a series of clicks at those particular frqueces and very little other sound.


Hope this makes sense to.  Cheers!