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ADV7511/7513 800x600 with embedded syncs

Question asked by mk-apt on Nov 18, 2014
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for an embedded system we are trying to set the resolution at the output at 800x600px.

We use the EVAL-ADV7842-7511P Board for the first tests.

The source for the Demoboard is a Notebook with output of 800x600px.

I use the AVES 1.02 to run scripts to configure the Demoboard.

When i use the script for "480p60 with embedded syncs" (bt656-ADV7842_7511-hdmi.txt, downloaded from this forum) the output works using ~5/6 of the screen.


I've tried to adjust the settings to work for the 800x600px (copied from the 480p resolution and adapted to 800x600 with reference to the programming guide of the ADV7513). The script is in the attachement.

Can someone please check my settings, maybe i've done something wrong...


Thanks in advance