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Unable to run Decoder demo code.

Question asked by sunil@Accord on Nov 18, 2014
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I could run the demo code in the path ...\...\H264_BPDecoder-BF-Rel4.1.0\demo\ADSP-BF561-VDSP in evaluation kit in file_IO mode (Input file demo.264 & output file out.yuv).

If I run the same code in our board, decoder module is running properly. I am not using USB to stream compressed data from PC instead I am using file_IO in emulator mode. After some step by step debugging I observed that in our board when processor comes to file_io.c first time it is reading 1024 bytes. Next time when it comes *pnum value is 0x3FC and it remains same for next 17 times after this feof_flag[uiChNum] becomes 1 and it comes out of while(!multi_channel_end) loop.


Help me in finding solution for this.



1) Processor : ADSP-BF561SBBCZ

2) SDRAM : MT48LC32M16A2TG-75 IT-C ( 512Mb, 16 bit interface )

In order to access my SDRAM, I am changing EBIU_SDGCTL value to "0x8091998d" in the file \Analog Devices\VisualDSP 5.0\System\ArchDef\ADSP-BF561-proc.xml

(" <register name="EBIU_SDGCTL" reset-value="0x8091998d" core="Common" />" ).

3) The demo.264 is read and values are stored in SDRAM starting from location "0x02107xxx" i.e "in_buf". In file_io.c it is successfully reading from SDRAM to internal "L1 DATA BANK A SRAM (0xff801xxx)".


Thanks in advance,