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Modifying ad9361.cfg for using Simulink with AD-FMCOMMS3-EBZ in a 2x2 MIMO configuration

Question asked by elvisjohndowson on Nov 17, 2014
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I've got the basic IEEE 802.11 Beacon Frame Receiver model working with an AD-FMCOMMS3-EBZ board.


I'd like to know what I should do to modify the ad9361.cfg file, in order to make it receive 2 channels:


mathworks_tools/ad9361.cfg at master · analogdevicesinc/mathworks_tools · GitHub



data_out_device = cf-ad9361-lpc
ctrl_device = ad9361-phy
channel = RX_LO_FREQ,IN,out_altvoltage0_RX_LO_frequency,
channel = RX_SAMPLING_FREQ,IN,in_voltage_sampling_frequency,
channel = RX_RF_BANDWIDTH,IN,in_voltage_rf_bandwidth,
channel = RX1_GAIN_MODE,IN,in_voltage0_gain_control_mode,
channel = RX1_GAIN,IN,in_voltage0_hardwaregain,
channel = RX1_RSSI,OUT,in_voltage0_rssi,




Elvis Dowson