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AD8302 - Phase difference between two 2.4 GHz signals

Question asked by unematt on Nov 17, 2014
Latest reply on Jul 12, 2016 by michcfr

Greetings, I am somewhat new to RF design and need some help with this high sampling stuff.


I need to receive 2 2.4 ghz signals and determine the phase difference. I would Ideally use a high frequency switch to measure several pairs of signals with this same circuit.


At first I thought I would just use a high speed ADC but getting one that can sample that fast proved difficult.

I found the HMCAD5831 but I'm not sure this would work being only 3-bit. I also found the AD8302 but after reading the data sheet I still felt lost.


Can anyone provide any advice or guidance in this project? I am starting to feel like this is something that cannot be done reasonably.


Thanks in advance!