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ADAU1446 I2S sample rate

Question asked by grimbart on Nov 17, 2014
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We have a custom board with a ADAU1446 SigmaDSP and a AD1939 CODEC, both running with a master clock of 12,288MHz and sample rate of 48kHz. We would like to connect a Bluetooth board/chip over I2S. The setup works if we set the ADAU1446 as slave and the bluetooth as master, BUT we noticed a problem:


- the source (song send with mobile phone connected over Bluetooth) was a 44,1kHz .wav-file and at the output we get the song transposed. Obviously its a sampling rate conversion problem.


1) Is there any possibility to change the sample rate with this setup, without move to the ADAU1445/ADAU1442?

2) Can we expect the same problem with SPDIF? Otherwise, it doesn't make sense to enter direktly to the DSP, since SPDIF isn't always in 48kHz.


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