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Phase measurement on AD5933-EBZ

Question asked by Hanyang on Nov 17, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2014 by musach

I currently working on the project that related using AD5933, so far I can measure the magnitude of impedance accurately. However the phase measurement is not close to predicted value at all. I wonder how dose the phase measurement working.


1.pngI did't use the sensor part to connect to my unknown impedance, I used T7 and T8 instead, because using other connection gives inaccurate results to me(for instance, Z in the picture). If I do need use the connection in Sensor, how should I connect to impedance to calibrate and take the measurement?( Like, should I remove Z and replace it by a wire or adding different capacitor on sensor? )


This chip board drives me crazy, the magnitude of impedance can be measured accurately but not phase measurement. May I get some suggestion?