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ADG507A with AD 8497 thermocouple ampr

Question asked by jino1989 on Nov 16, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2014 by Stephen_Nugent

Helo all,

I am a research fellow, Doing work in mechanical engineering, In my experiment i want to measure the temperature from 12 different points using T type thermocouple with the surrounding atmosphere conditions are between 25-100 degree centigrade. (Also i have equipments to measure pressure, humidity etc..).


I had a little knowledge in electronics and in my survey I found that usage of 2 multiplexer ADG507A with one thermocouple ampr AD 8497 with basic module Arduino can be used in my case. I wish to design a single PCB having power ckt, multiplexer, and ampr.  But I didn't found any circuit diagram with these two ICs.(found only ADG507A with AD595 only). I contact many for the circuit but failed.


I kindly requested to consider the following quarries.

Whether I could use the ICS.?

Is there any Other methods?

I kindly request to provide a circuit diagram for temperature measurements with these chips, it will be very helpful for students like us living in rural ares of India


Jino p George