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How can to achieve full scale ADC ?

Question asked by on Nov 16, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 19, 2014 by Achim


my application is weight scale .

as you know about load cell , With 2-mV/V sensitivity and 5-V excitation, the full-scale output voltage is 10 mV.

and  in order to use the most linear portion of the load

cell’s span, only about two-thirds of this range would be used.

So the full scale output voltage would thus be about 6 mV.


for example for AD7799 (something that i'm using currently ) the full range is 39 mv(with maximum gain).


So I just use 6mv out of 39mv .

Is there any solution to use full scale ?

Is it good idea to pre amp (by low noise op-amp) ?


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