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Overlay Manager for ADSP-21369

Question asked by MoritzGötz on Nov 17, 2014
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I´m currently writing an OverlayManager for the ADSP-21369. I already found a working example for the ADSP-21369 EZ-Kit Lite.

Here´s the Link to the Code:


The provided Code is working fine, but I have one Question about this Code: The Overlay Manager (ovrly_mgr_21369.asm, l.162-172) is moving 3 packed 32 Bit Words from the external Memory into the internal 32 Bit Memory. Then the corresponding two unpacked 48 Bit Words appear at address 0x90000 and 0x90001 (interrupt vector table start address). I tried to figure out why the unpacked Words  "appear" at this specific address and how to control where the unpacked Words "appear". I searched the ez forum and I think nearly every document related to the processor (hrm, compiler manual, ee-notes etc.). So the question is: why are the unpacked Words at address 0x90000 and can how can I control the unpacking process?


Thanks to anyone who is able to help me,