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Using ADAU1452 with embedded linux system over SPI / I2C

Question asked by chriho on Nov 14, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 20, 2015 by chriho

Dear Ladies and Gentleman,


we have a project where we want to use the ADAU1452 as a DSP in a power amplifier. Currently we use ADAU1442.


I found the kernel module which is not valid for the ADAU1452. Do you have some similar method of booting the DSP from a linux. We will use a Baytrail CPU with MCP2210 USB to SPI chip where we would connect the ADAU1452 directly.


Do you have any hints that we need to do to make this work? Do you have a Kernel module ready (Kernel 3.16.x or higher)? It is hard to figure out how the process from a SigmaStudio Project to an embedded system should work.


A second question. The DSP has TDM inputs, the Baytrail has HDA outputs that need a Codec on the baseboard. Do you have a HDA to TDM codec? Do you have experience in connecting Intel HDA Audio to the DSP?


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