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question about blimp to design OSD

Question asked by snowdream on Nov 14, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2014 by JeyasudhaMuthuPerumal



    I am a newer to use blimp software to design OSD on ADV7625/7626, and i have three questions need your help and advices.


    [Question one]:

    From blimp user guide, after i finished blimp OSD design on Blimp software, i just need to intergrate all the *.c,*.h and all of the firmware folder files into the MCU project. (i use IR remote control)

    My quesiton is in my Mcu project app code, what should i do is just init the OSD firmware, link the SPI/IIC function and last when i received IR keyvalue, i just need to call the ADIAPI_OSDEgPostKeyMsg and the OSD menu and action will be came out as i did in during my blimp script do.

    Does my understanding is correct?


    [Question two]:

    if the above the understanding is correct, how can i get the progressbar value? is there a API for the function?


    [Question three]:

    when i send the key value to the OSD through OSD firmware function, how the OSD know which image or component should be shown out in the OSD menu? for all the component and images are all stored in the flash and how the OSD know which page should be correct?


   my expression is too long and thank you for your patient.


   thank you again and wait for your kindly help and response.