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ADV7612 video output CbCr question

Question asked by JerryS on Nov 14, 2014
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I used ADV7612 in project, but I found the LSB pixel output of ADV7612 is unstable.

In video output YCbCr mode, Y channel has latest LSB, but the Cb, Cr channel seems to have huge unstable range as attached pics.

Is it normal situation or not?

if not, how can I do video calculator or CSC converter compensation from my processor FPGA. please give me some suggesitons.

As this application is digital signage, customer needs more video quality.

Input source: PC with ATI, NVIDIA graphic card

Input resolution to ADV7612:  1280x1024@60Hz, 1920x1080@60Hz

measure equipment: Tektronix TLA5202 logic analyzer

initial setting are reference: 6-1d, 6-1e, and 6-1f of EVB script settings.



below READ pattern test condition, TLA5202 measurement ADV7612 digital video output data and sync singals ((VS, HS, DE, QE, CLK),

            sampling rate ”1ns”. 

          Input Video : 1280x1024@60Hz,

          Input pattern: RED, the R channel value should be 0x80 from TLA5202.

          But actually the LSB bit is unstable 0x80 ~ 0x7F.



When I tried to input a white pattern, and capture video data information below.