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How do I get ADV8005 SD encoder test pattern generator to work?

Question asked by jl-ipd on Nov 13, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 27, 2014 by PaulS


I have a board populated with a ADV8005 -8N part that I am trying to get the SD encoder test pattern generator working on so that I can view the test pattern via a composite output.  I have written to register 0xE484 to try and enable the SD color bars test pattern or SD burst test pattern but do not observe any activity on the analog DAC output pins.  I have assigned DAC 4 to CVBS, DAC 5 to Luma, and DAC 6 to Chroma via registers 0xE42A and 0xE42B.


Are there other registers I am missing that need to be set first to enable the SD encoder test pattern generator?

Thank you.