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ADSP-21369 booting from a SPI Flash

Question asked by Tomas.Radil on Oct 18, 2010
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I've designed my own system with a ADSP-21369. The DSP should boot from a SPI Flash memory M25P20. The BOOT_CFG1:0 pins are 01.

In my project's options, the "Boot Type" in the Project : Load : General tab is set to "SPI Flash". I'm using the default kernel.


When I use s SPI programmer (a modified programmer from the application note EE-231) everything works OK.


When I use an external programmer (Dataman-40PRO) to program the SPI memory, the processor won't boot even though the SPI Flash memory is programmed correctly. The DSP just loads the first 256 instructions and halts. When comparing the bit-streams during booting I can see why: the bits in each Byte are not reversed as in the previous case.


The problem is that while the programmer based on the EE-231 does the necessary bit-reversing, I don't know how to generate bit-reversed code that I could use with the Dataman programmer.


After reading the "Loader and Utilities Manual" I came to the conclusion that only when setting the "Boot Type" to "SPI PROM" the code is generated reversed. However, in this mode, 0xA5 is added to the bit-stream so I cannot use it.


What settings should I use to generate code that could be programmed in to my SPI Flash memory using an external programmer? Or is the only solution editing the boot kernel so it loads MSBF instead of LSBF?


I will appreciate any help.