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Reading of the actual Angle value of a ADIS16265 values does not fit

Question asked by ritchie on Nov 13, 2014
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I am trying to get the actual angle value of the ADIS16265 and gets only a value back, which does

not is the absolute angle of degree i guess.


I am accessing the register "ADIS16265_ANGL_OUT" and getting a values back,

which looks like the value of "ADIS16265_GYRO_OUT".


I can read out without any problems, the product ID, temperature, Status and the voltage of the chip.


This is the code I use to convert the data:


   iValue=((SPIReceiveBuffer[0] & 0x3 ) << 8) + SPIReceiveBuffer[1];
   m_DigitalOrientationAngle=  (double)(iValue * 0.03663) * (M_PI / 180.0);


Do I have to init the chip in any way, that he will calculate the absolute angle, calculated by the chip ?

I also what to use only the resolution of 80 Deg / sec. and setup the chip with the code.



void    InitADIS16265ViaSPI(void)







    SPISendBuffer[0]=ADIS16265_SENS_AVG+1;                    // Select the SENS_AVG Control register


    SPISendBuffer[2]=01;                                    // Use 80°/sec instead of 320°/per sec. for range

    SPISendBuffer[3]=02;                                    // Number of taps in each stage; value of m in N = 2m (default)

                                                                      // Filter stage = 2



Is it correct, that I do not get a feedback of the chip, which I have to read ?


Thanks for any help


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