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How to compress video from 2 cameras simultaneously

Question asked by sunil@Accord on Nov 13, 2014
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We have following requirements and we would like to know how we can achieve them,


     We have 2 analog cameras (output - CVBS, PAL). Our application is, we should be able to take live video from both cameras, compress the digitized data from Video decoder IC

     using H.264 compression technique. The compressed data is stored/transmitted for a distance where it is decompressed and converted back to CVBS video signal using Video

     encoder IC, so that we can watch the video captured by both cameras simultaneously.


     Our current hardware consists of,

         a) Video decoder - ADV7182,

         b) BF561,

         c) Video encoder - ADV7391.

     At transmitter section ADV7182 and BF561 is used(for compression),  and at receiver section BF561(for decompression) & ADV7391 is used.

     My queries  are,

     1) Can we achieve the above application using our current Hardware,

     2) Do we have to duplicate entire system for processing another video channel,

     3) Can single ADV7182 and single BF561 is able to handle it,

     4) Does two ADV7182 and single BF561 are enough ?

     5) If we want  3 cameras in our system, is it enough to use BF609(as it contains 3 PPI). How should be my system for 3 cameras.


Note: Some high level block diagram is attached with this.


Kindly reply ASAP, it has high priority for us.


Thanks in advance,