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AD 9361 on BSC9131 of Freescale - queries

Question asked by gorby on Nov 13, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 24, 2014 by mhennerich

Pl. note the following wrt 9361 programming:


We are testing our Femto eNodeb with Freescale 9131 board .The RF card uses 9361 transceiver. For testing and to program, currently we are using the following files provided by Freescale. (.xml & .txt)

1.     Static_config.xml

Fields we change for converting from one band to another:

ulCarrierFreq                    : Uplink EARFCN for corresponding band
dlEARFCN                        : Downlink EARFCN for corresponding band
frequencyBandIndicator   : Band number (eg: 1, 3, 7 or 13)

2.     AD9361R2_TX1A_RX1A_TX2A_RX2A_HB_2140_1950_MHz_LTE_10_MHz_AGC_Split_Gain_Table_v1.0.9.txt

Changes we are making in txt file to convert from one band to another; only changing band, BW remains same (corresponding registers in txt file are changed):

1.     LO value is changed (same as centre frequency of band of consideration). Based on LO and divider value (table), VCO frequency is chosen.
2.     Registers for PLL synthesizer changed based on Reference frequency and VCO frequency (SynthLUT table used). In our case Reference frequency is 40MHz, so SynthLUT_40_FDD_v2 file is used.


For the complete product integration we are developing an OAM module which will be used for programming the RF and also for getting the status/ alarms. To do the same , is it sufficient if OAM calls the rflib as per the doc below or any additional script/ program be used? We would like to understand whether whatever was being done by the txt file will be done by the API calls ? If not , what additionally is required?

User Manual for rflib and rftool: BSC9131RDB/BSC9132QDS Linux BSP

C) We saw reference to 9361 Customer Software ver 2.1.1 as attached . Is this an alternate to rflib? Can this software be made available to us ?

Kindly clarify