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Is there some software that can do this ?

Question asked by snoopy on Oct 15, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 24, 2010 by snoopy

With lots of different Blackfin devices with different IO offerings sometimes it is difficult to work out what sets of peripherals are available at the one time on each device because of the IO pin multiplexing on some of the devices.


For example if I needed two SPORTS, one SPI and one PPI all available at the same time, what devices could supply this ?


A bit of windows software or even an online app where you keyed in your IO requests and it would spit out the devices that meet this request would be a very useful tool otherwise you have to go through the data sheets and work out what peripherals are available on each device. Currently I print out the device IO peripheral table and use a highlighter to mark the pins that I need and see whether they conflict with other IO peripherals that I need. It's a bit time consuming so a simpler method would be welcome.