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Some questions about ADV212

Question asked by topgunsu27 on Nov 13, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2014 by DaveD

Hello, I'm using ADV212 to compress still image data,I have a few questions.

1. Can I still use HDATA[15:0] to read and write direct and indirect registers if I set the BUSMODE register for Raw Video Mode?

     According to document AN-790"How to Use the ADV202" Page4, Normal Host Mode must be used to write/read to direct and indirect

registers and initialize ADV212.On the other hand,figure 30 of document "ADV212_ProgrammingGuide" on page 38 shows that

you should set BUSMODE for Raw Video Mode befor set encode parameters and indirect registers.I'm confused about how to set the BUSMODE register during initialization.

2. If I want to use VDATA to input 8bit pixel data and use HDATA to output compressed data,which BUSMODE should I set?Raw Video Mode or Normal Host Mode?

3. How to use 16-bit host interface to access 32bit Indirect Memory (0x00057000 0x00057FFF), while IWIDTH = 16 bits and IAUTOSTP = 32 bits? (this case is not presented in the User's Guide)

    As figure 30 of document "ADV212_ProgrammingGuide" on page 38 shows,MMODE sets to 0x0009(32bit IADDR increment) then starts to set encode parameters. First IDATA=0x0400 should write into address 0x00057F00,then which address will the second IDATA be wrote into? 0x00057F02 or 0x00057F04?

Thanks! Looking forward to your prompt reply. (Sorry about my poor English .)