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ADV7619 color space conversion

Question asked by tips on Nov 12, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 20, 2014 by GuenterL


I'm trying to use the ADV7619 to convert a YCbCr input to RGB output when the source is DVI putting out YCbCr.  I know this signal is out of spec (DVI is RGB only), but I want to be able to handle it anyway.  On the ADV7619/ADV7511 eval board I'm using several registers to do this with the CP block in automatic mode, since I don't want to manually load the coefficients unless I have to.  The registers/bits that seemingly should handle this only cause the pink video to change to various shades of pink.  Does the chip support this conversion?  Specifically, I'm setting


CP 69: 14     (enable the CSC)

CP 68: F0     (CSC automatic mode)

CP BD: 08    (use the DPP block)

IO 02: 32      (YCbCr 709 in, rgb out)

Except for this conversion, I'm not using the CP block. 

Any help would be appreciated.