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No monitor sense state on ADV7511W

Question asked by alon-brightway on Nov 12, 2014
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We have a working system allready using the ADV7511W component.

In some of the units we have a problem with the device:

No output video and not any indication on the display.

When checking the registers i have found that "HDMI clock termination not detected" (register 0x42[5]).

By oscilloscope measuring - the lines of output clock TXC+ & TXC- (for sense) are above 1.8V as needed! (pin 17 & 18)

Hot plug is detected (constant connection).

BTW - I am testing the bad units under the same cable set and display (just replacing the pcb that contains the ADV7511W)

can you please advise why the monitor sense is not detected while the sense voltage looks good?