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ADV7341 I2C

Question asked by apomerants on Nov 12, 2014
Latest reply on Mar 24, 2015 by PaulS


On my previous card I had the ADV7321  and ADV7188 on same I2C bus.

Card is working good for several years.

In my new design I have changed the ADV7321 with ADV7341, other than that all this section is the same.

In the new card, I wanted to verify the initialization of the ADV7341 so I connected an AARDVARK (USB to I2C) to the card.

I was able to read the I2C registers of the ADV7188, but no response at all from the new ADV7341.

I have connected ALSB pin to 3.3V so I was trying with address 0x56.

I verified it has proper voltage, two running 27Mhz clocks, but no respond.

I have tried all other addresses (ox54, 0xD4, 0xD6) - no change.

I have replace the card - no change.


I am sending you a file with two slides. One is the I2C signals wave in respond to a Write command of "00" towards address 0x56.

As you can see, I believe there is no ACK from the ADV7341, so it didn't even proceed to the actual-second  WRT cycle...

Second page is the design. I have fixed the mixup in the design between SDA and SCL. The signals you see are from probes connected to the actual pins of the chip.


Please suggest how to proceed.