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What is related the duty cycle output with the DSP register??

Question asked by Jojo0 on Nov 11, 2014
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I have a brushless dc motor with hall sensor (no encoder) to control. I used the FLexMC kit with ADSP CM408F.  This kit is provided with a Simulink software named 'PMSMctrl.mdl'. My concern is about first reading an analog input from a linear variable differential transformer (LVDT) or linear position sensor and also  in the Simulink file PMSMctrl.mdl the outputs of the S Function are duty cycles values. According to the attached pdf file (ADSP-CM40x_hrm_rev.0.2_MDO505.pdf ) there are registers (example PWM_AH0, PWM_AH1, etc.. ) used by microcontroller to write those duty cycle values. But i don't see any link between the generated files (after compilation) and these registers. How is the link done between the Simulink file and the microcontroller register?

I wrote a C Code to control my motor in open loop but when i tried to use my C file with the S Function builder errors are generated.



i upload my C Code file also.