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ADV7441a for CP Pr Mode Debug!

Question asked by johnsonlee on Oct 15, 2010
Latest reply on Oct 27, 2010 by DaveD

Hi all,


I have a question need your suggestion about COMP mode debug for ADV7441A.


So far, the CP will enter free run mode after few seconds, from 10 to 20 whether the input format is 480p, 720 or 1080i/p..


The main problem might be signal source.

But I use this the same pattern generator to a Scaler chip, same format, it works well.


I would like to know if there's any registers inside this chip could help me debug this issue, as guessed this might be HW issue..:)


I monitor 0x12, CP free run and TLLC PLL Lock to monitor CP status..

I adjusted SOG_SYNC_LEVEL and CP_FL_FR_THRESHOLD to imrpove this but still the same.


Any idea or comemnets are welcome.


Thank you!