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ADE7880 AWATT,BWATT & CWATT registers reading to real world value conversion

Question asked by luck on Nov 11, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2014 by hmani


I am using ADE7880 to build an energy meter.

I have read the AVRMS,BVRMS,CVRMS,AIRMS,BIRMS & CIRMS registers

i converted these register values to real world values by determining the V/LSB and I/LSB constants.

Firstly i calculated V/LSB and I/LSB constants theoretically and then compared the caluclated voltage and current values with applied values  and that seems ok,i read 110V rms as 113V rms and 1A current exactly as 1A.

Now my question is that

i) how can i convert the AWATT,BWATT & CWATT i.e. active power registers to real world value that power in watts,means what formula i can use to convert the count received from ADE7880 i.e. register values to real value i.e. power in watts.


ii) One method that is i am aware of applying a know voltage and current signal and then calculating the W/LSB constant,but i dont have voltage and current sources available at this time, i need to first calculate it theoretically and the compare with known applied signal



Thanks for your guidance and help