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ADP5090 EVB question

Question asked by kj.liu on Nov 11, 2014
Latest reply on Feb 20, 2015 by Kevin.Yao

My customer got the ADP5090 EVB and wanted to measure the efficiency but unfortunately, the efficiency can’t be measured smoothly. Could you help to suggest which connection we needs to correct or how could I do to measure the efficiency as datasheet. 


Here is his connection:

1.J1(DIS_SW) to GND(enable the main boost)

2.J3(RDIV)  floating (without MPPT function)

3.CBP = 1/2 Vin

4.Vin=0.6V(since he didn’t have current source as power source, so he putted a resistor between the power supply‘s in+ and ADP5090’s Vin (as the user guide connect ))

5.Vout=3.5V with electric load 


The result is not good, at first, the Vout is very stable in 3.5V without load but when the the electronic load is turned on (5mA ) , the vout is reduce to around 0.2V. it makes the efficiency can't been measure and hard to evaluate the performance.

BTW, if the Vin is increased to 1.5V , the load in 5mA could be stable in 3.5V but when the load is increase 10mA , the Vout still can't be fixed in 3.5V.