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ADV7604 DE output timing and SSPD function

Question asked by daisu on Nov 10, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 12, 2014 by GuenterL

Hello all,


I would like to input Video signal , which is not VESA standard, to" Ain 1,2, 3 and HS_IN2, VS_IN2 " or "Aun 7,8,9 and HS_IN1,VS_IN1" of AD7604.
This video signal meets timing of SYNC and HSYNC but does not meet DE output timing.
In this condition, please let me know your advice about below.


  Does AD converter of ADV7604 extarct the timing of DE from input video signal  and output DE signal ?

Question 2
  If the answer about above is No,
  does ADV7604 have any table of VESA standard and output the DE signal to meet VESA standard from VSINC and HSYNC ?

  IF the answer about above is Yes,
  I am concerned that ADV7604 output DE signal which meets timing of VESA standard even if I input video signal which is not VESA standard.
  In this case, should I set below ?
   1: Set horizontal sync length at CH1_FR_LL
   2:Set vertical sync length at CP_LCOUNT_MAX and CH1_FR_FIELD_LENGTH
   3: Set enable or disable at INTERLACED
   4: Set DE output length manually



  Can ADV7604 output DE signal at any timing by setting CP_START_SAV,CP_START_EAV,CP_START_VBI and CP_END_VB of 0xA2,0xA3,0xA5,0xA6,0xA7 manually ?


Question 5

Pleaes let me know your advice about below regarding to adress 0x06 of IO Map


  1:There is INV_HS_POL,INV_VS_POL and INV_F_POL.

     These are Negative Polarity at default.

     I understand below. Is my understanding correct ?


    ADV7604 identifies automaticaly (SSPD function) polarity of sync signal which input to HS_IN1 and VS_IN1 using VSYNC timing.

    ADV7604 convert polarity of sync signal to negative polarity and output.

    (If sync signal is negative polarity, ADV7604 ignore it)


  2: Does this function of ADV7604 operate only at the input to meet VESA standard and through output at not VESA standard ?


  3: I understanda that INV_HS_POL,INV_VS_POL and INV_F_PO convert the polarity of above negative converted signal and output   ( output positive polarity).

    Is it correct ?