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AC701, FMCOMMS3, No-Os: console IO functions don't work

Question asked by labianco on Nov 10, 2014
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I have a brand new AC701 and FMCOMMS3 board.  I am trying to get the 2014_R1 version of the bare metal no-os application running on the board.  I have been following the steps outlined here.  I get to the point where I program the FPGA via SDK and view the UART output on the SDK console. After beginning a run session, I noticed that the program seems to hang. I added some extra print statements to see exactly where it stoped working.  It seemed to never get past the following function call dev_dbg() location within the ad9361_load_fir_filter_coef function (it is called ad9361_set_tx_fir_config and  ad9361_set_rx_fir_config functions both of which are called by main).


dev_dbg(&phy->spi->dev, "%s: TAPS %"PRIu32", gain %"PRId32", dest %d",
  __func__, ntaps, gain_dB, dest);


Upon further review, I noticed realized this was just a macro for a printf() implementation and that the program halts anytime it reaches a printf() statement that contains parameters and is not one long string. What would cause this?


If I comment out the print statements used that contain parameters, the I get down to the console command section.  I notice here that the commands are not being received correctly either.  If I type "help?" and hit enter in the console the C code actually receives "h null e null l null p null ? null \r"