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AD9361 issues found (using FMCOMMS5 and IIO SCOPE) requiring explanation

Question asked by swaxman on Nov 10, 2014
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5 issues found with FMCOMMS5 AD9361 using iio scope:


1. TX tone frequency shown in the iio scope is 1/2 of the frequency configured (1MHz tone shows as 0.5MHz). Why is that?

2. The 9361 max. sampling rate using the iio scope GUI is ~60.7MHz vs. the 112MHz specified. Why is that ?

3. The 9361 tone generator given higher frequencies is completely distorted with significant 2nd and 3rd harmonics even when backed-off. Why is that?

4. The effective maximal RF bandwidth is not more than 20MHz even when selecting the maximal 100MHz bandwidth in the GUI, vs. the 56MHz bandwidth claimed in the datasheet. Why is that?

5. 2 of the 4 receive channels have very narrow bandwidth (~1MHz). why is that?