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ADSP-TS101 Booting Option

Question asked by Bhanuprakash_Nayak on Nov 8, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 13, 2015 by Bhanuprakash_Nayak

Dear Analog Devices Team,


We are using ADSP-TS101SAB1Z000 in one of our design, We have made strap pin /BMS as "0" so that the system boots from EPROM/Flash immediately after reset.

In the ADSP-TS101 development platform the Flash used for booting has a JTAG connection.

We are using S29AL008J55TFI010 - ( NOR Flash 8 Megabit, Boot Sector Flash Memory) flash in our design and it doesn't have JTAG connection.


So I request your feedback for the following quires.

  1. Is it possible to flash the boot code into the flash using Emulator through VisualDSP++ ?
  2. Or, Do we have to use 8-Bit EPROM only to store the boot code ?


Request you to provide any document which clearly mentions the booting requirement of the ADSP-TS101.


Awaiting your reply...............


With Regards


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