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Can XPS (Xilinx Platform Studio) display the PS7 configuration for zc702 Reference design

Question asked by nick_iliev on Nov 7, 2014
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I'm using the zc702 reference design from :


I'm able to compile it with Vivado 2013.4  and generate the .bit file.


Now  I want to see how the PS7 processor system is actually configured in this reference design , for example how is the SPI0 peripheral configured (MIO, EIO) ?


I want to use Xilinx Platform Studio ,  XPS , for this (have used it in the past but from the ISE tool-bundle)  , but which project file do I point to in XPS  ?  I don't see XPS in the Vivado tool-bundle (??)

Or is there a different tool in Vivado which replaces XPS ?  How do I display the existing PS7 system for the reference design ?