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AD9364 - RX/TX Path Clock Frequencies

Question asked by mwlearn on Nov 6, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 17, 2014 by DragosB

I am currently using the AD9364 with a reference clock frequency of 51.15 MHz.  Knowing that the FB_CLK is just the loopback version of the DATA_CLK, I need to run the FB_CLK at 102.3 MHz.  I am using the NO-OS Driver coder to setup the Transceiver and have tried various options for the rx_path_clock_frequencies section of the code.


{818400000, 102300000, 102300000, 102300000, 102300000, 51150000}

{818400000, 204600000, 204600000, 102300000, 102300000, 51150000}

{818400000, 409200000, 204600000, 102300000, 102300000, 51150000}


But I can't seem to get a DAC_CLK of 102.3 MHz.  Instead I either see 61.44 MHz, 122 Mhz, or 245 MHz. (note that I setup the TX path with the same values I used for the RX path). 


Is there something I'm missing here or not understanding?