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Question asked by md1998 on Nov 6, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 12, 2018 by ryan-tsai

I am interested in the ADS7-V1EBZ.


We would like to be able to use the ADS7-V1 in this way:


  •     Load the DIMM slots with 2GB or 4GB DIMMS
    • Assuming the FPGA would be able to store a continuous (sample-for-sample) data capture to memory until it is filled
  •     Once the memory is full, stop capture
  •     Pull off the raw data samples to a PC connected via the USB port


Here are some questions:


  •     What example applications and signal processing capabilities are available with the FPGA (reference designs)
  •     Is there a JTAG interface available?
  •     Is there a way to do automated data captures with the board and PC connected to it via USB
  •     With a connected PC, how would we get the raw data to a file?
    • Is there an API or some other software interface so that we could write our own applications to pull data off the ADS7-V1.
  •     Can I obtain a copy of the schematics?


We were thinking about using two (2) AD-FMCADC2-EBZ boards connected to the ADS7-V1. Is this possible? (can the FPGA talk to both at the same time, and – mechanically – will two FMC boards fit next to each other)