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Excat location of accelerometer(s) in ADIS16448

Question asked by joernr on Nov 6, 2014
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I work as part of a team of engineers on visual/inertial navigation, where we try to improve our inter-sensor calibration. To verify our results, sub-millimeter accurate knowledge of the position of the accelerometer is crucial for us, since the entire setup is about 0.1m in length.

Could anyone share the exact location of the accelerometer in the ADIS16448 with  respect to the point of percussion shown in Fig. 22 of the datasheet?
Since our estimation uncertainty is in the order of .5mm , the information would preferably be accurate in that order, thus potentially accounting for the position of the MEMS structures within the accelerometer package.
Furthermore, if the design includes multiple accelerometers, could anyone share
the respective location of each?

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