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ADV7513 issue at startup

Question asked by mk-apt on Nov 6, 2014
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we have built a custom Board with an MSP (embedded Linux) and Analog's HDMI-Chip ADV7513BSWZ. At startup we have to do several HPD (hot plug detects) to start the display. The necessary startup-number is random. Sometimes the display starts after 3-times but it can be also take 20-times.
Another problem is, that after startup the connection with the display falls away and then comes back (we think that is due to unstable HDMI-Signal and so  the Display does a HPD). The displayed graphic sometimes is pixelated and contains vertical lines.

We've measured the signals at the input of the Analog's Chip; from the first view these seams to be ok.

Are such problems known?

Does someone has a suggestion what we can try to solve the problem?