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HDCP issues with AppleTV (7612 as the Rx)

Question asked by reshmi on Nov 5, 2014
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The problem below happens with our custom board that uses the ADI  repeater app (7612 - 7511 combination), and I verified that this happens on the eval board also. I have EVAL-ADV7612-7511. I will describe the problem as seen with the eval board.


I have an AppleTV as the source and a Vizio TV as the sink device. The HDCP authentication seems to take place, but Apple TV keeps sending Aksv int every second or so, the board tries to reauthenticate, it manages to do so, and sends the Bksv back to to the source as well, but the Aksv interrupts keep coming, Because of this, the video on the TV (sink device) keeps blanking out every few second (4-5 seconds appx).


This is seen if the board powers up with the Apple TV connected. If it powers up, and we connect the Apple TV only afterwards I dont see this issue. We expect our custom board to be plugged in with teh source and sink and powered up. So we need this scenario to work. I have attached the logs. We have also tried other TVs with the same result. This is only seen with Apple TV as the source.


I thought it might be related to but probably not because in that case we are talking about a non HDCP board as I understand.


Any ideas/pointers appreciated.