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AD7767: Is it possible to get the FIR filter coefficients?

Question asked by daniel.arnitz on Nov 5, 2014
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I'm using an AD7767 in a stepped continuous-wave radar application. I am setting the system to a given frequency, wait until the radar reaches its steady state, and then take one sample with the AD7767. This process is repeated for multiple steps in fast succession.


My problem is that the output FIR of the AD7767 creates a lot of inter-symbol interference. I can fix this in post-processing, but for that I need the ADCs digital filter coefficients. I would prefer to use the true coefficients for this rather than an approximation obtained through system identification in order to retain the high precision of the ADC7767.


Thus my question: Is it possible to obtain the original filter coefficients used in the ADCs FIR filter(s)?


Thank you!

Daniel Arnitz