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ADAU 1442: Problems to set FS 96/192kHz

Question asked by MarcE on Nov 5, 2014
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it seems that SigmaDSP doesn't set the ADAU 1442 to the desired 96 or 192 kHz.

If anything is set to 96 kHz, the 1442 outputs send every 24-Bit Data twice, so the real resolution stays at 48kHz.

With 192kHz every Data is send four times.

It doesn't matter wether i use the ADCs or do program the ADAUs signa lgenerator, the problem stays the same.

With 48kHz erverything is fine.


The 1442 is programmed with a MCU via exporting the SigmaDSP header files. The MCU programms the 1442 using I2C.

That does work.

ADC/DAC are connected via standard I2S, Clocks are

System :  24MHz (ADAU Clock Out)

Bitrate:     12Mhz

Frame:     96 kHz/192kHz

ADAU clock is Master both for ADCs and DACs

Jumper for PLL0 is fitted (PLL0 = low)

PLL2: doesn't matter wether Level is High or Low

PLL1: can't be low, DSP crashes if Level is set to low

quartz crystal: 12 MHZ

I tried to fix that Problem for two days but had no success.


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Marc E