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ADV7180 not responding

Question asked by dev_ashish on Nov 5, 2014
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I am using a custom board consisting a Texas Instrument processor and ADV7180 video decoder chip. The ADV7180 is connected to i2c bus zero of the processor.


Now the issue I am facing is that the I am not able to detect the I2C slave ID of the ADV7180 when I do a i2c probe on the i2c bus zero.Now in my connection the ALSB pin is high, so according to the datasheet my slave ID should be 0x42 or 0x43, but both these address are not responding. Even I probed for 0x21for ADV7180 but is is not responding.


I have ensured the ADV7180 voltage supplies are fine and the PWRDN pin is pulled high. Please help me how the ADV7180 will respond?