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HMC832 tunable reference

Question asked by cosmolittle on Nov 5, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 18, 2014 by dyoung1

Dear DonY,


Thank you for your very full and helpful reply concerning integer boundary spurs. The HMC832 is obviously a superior device regarding control of spurs.


   I am very interested in your tunable reference solution using dual HMC832. Initially my design used twin VCXO references to avoid the integer boundaries, however the suggestion to use a second HMC832 as a tunable reference looks surprisingly cost effective.

Your literature mentions software to help calculate the optimum frequency distribution between the two devices, Is this available for down load?


  I would be using the first HMC832 with a 10MHz reference input. This would be either a low cost TCXO, or a low phase noise OCXO.


best regards


Cosmo Little