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ADV212 HIPI mode issue(compressed image doesn't match the original image)

Question asked by kdykcy on Nov 4, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2014 by DaveD

I have configured all parameters according to the adv212 user_manual and adv202_hipimode_still_image technical paper,All thing seem work well,but the compressed image (exported j2c fifle) from the encode system  doesn't match the original image.

In fact, the contour of the compressed image (j2c fifle)  agree with the original image , but pixels' values flippe, originally the high pixel values in compressed image  display as black.

The exact parameters are configured as follows.

1)Encode Parameters

PLL_HI:       0008H

PLL_LO:       0006H

BUSMODE:      0025H(16 bit)

MMODE:        0005H(16 bit)

-----Configure Encode Parameters----------------










PMODE1:     0418H

XTOT:           0080H(128)

YTOT:           0100H(256)

F0_START:   0001H

VMODE:       0012H

EIRQIR:        0400H

EDMOD0:     0110H

EDMOD0:     0111H

EDMOD1:     0112H

EDMOD1:     0113H


3)I use ADV212 with MCLK=20MHz


4)I input 128*256 16bit single component raw data (actually 14 bit,use hdata[13:0],hdata[15:14]=0)to encode ADV212 by hipi mode


5) I use kdu soft and matlab imread function to decode j2c file,they display the same


By now, I don't know how to deal with this problem,Could you give me some advice? I'm eager for your help. Thanks a lot.