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ADV7393 576i RGBHV output Vertical sync problem

Question asked by JLam on Oct 12, 2010
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      I am working on a project that input the 8 bit YCbCr 4:2:2 with embedded sync 576i video to the ADV7393 and output RGBHV with separate Hsync and Vsync signal output on pins /HSYNC and /VSYNC.   I am running the SD timing in Mode 0 and this is the only mode that set /HSYNC  and /VSYNC as output.  The /VSYNC pulse width is too short about 37ns and I cannot adjust the width of the pulse.  Also the /VSYNC low transition is not at the /HSYNC low for odd field and not at the /HSYNC high for even field like the Mode 2 output.  Is there a register setting so I can adjust the vertical sync output width in Mode0?  Can the ADV7393 can output the vertical sync timing similar to Mode 2 in Mode 0?  Also can the ADV7393 supports 1080i 50Hz and 1080i 60Hz?


Here is the setting for the 576i RGBHV output I am currently using


register 17h = 02h

register 00h = 1Ch

register 01h = 00h

register 02h = 40h

register 80h = 11h

register 82h = C1h

register 8Ah = 08h

register 8Bh = 03h