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Video decoder and Video encoder

Question asked by FreddyS on Nov 3, 2014
Latest reply on Dec 2, 2014 by FreddyS

Dear supporter,

My customer needs a decoder and an encoder with the below listed requirement:


No pixel repetition, at 576i50 the pixel clock  rate should be 13.5Mp/s (couldn't find relevant information in DS)

Control Interface : I2C


Decoder definition:

Input: Composite - PAL

Output:  YCrCb/RGB 4:4:4,  576i50 (at the decoder 4:4:2 is optional also but 4:4:4 is preferred)


Encode definition:

Input: YCrCb/RGB 4:4:4  , 576i50

Output:  Composite - PAL


Could you please help us to find the relevant Video Encoder and Decoder ?


In addition, could you advise on cable connecting between the 2 eval boards (encoder side to the decoder side)? 

PAL----EncoderEVB----digital port (YCrCb/RGB) ----------------cable---------------- digital port (YCrCb/RGB)--- DecoderEVB---- PAL