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ADG3304 Level Translator not working

Question asked by williajl43 on Nov 3, 2014
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I have just implemented an ADG3304 level translator into a new design and it is not functioning as expected. I am hoping others have had experience with this particular IC and can point me into a direction that yeilds the correct results.


I am using the ADG3304 to connect an MCU operating at 3.3V to drive a TTL signal operating at 5.0V.  The problem that I am experiencing is that when the A side goes to logic low (0V), the Y side goes to 2.5V instead of zero volts.  I have attempted to connect a pull down resister to the Y output to see if this would allow the signal to go to zero volts, however, it does not.  When the A side goes to logic high, the output also goes to logic high (5V) as expected.  The issue is when it goes to logic low.  Since TTL devices have a on threshold of about 1.2V, this 2.5 volts output is creating a huge problem for me.