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BF537 ,getting Nothing on CLKOUT

Question asked by ali on Oct 12, 2010
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In my previous post i mentioned that I had a reset timing problem which kept me from getting my JTAG working.


That reset problem has been fixed, the JTAG is working, i'm using Wiggler .

Now the problem is as follows;-


when i power up the circuit, i get nothing on CLKOUT but a 1.2V DC . Whereas it should be a 50Mhz clock (correct me if am wrong).


I am getting CLKBUF 25Mhz perfect. Have checked the voltages (1.2V working fine) JTAG interface is working .


I've checked to make sure that i have a pulled up "BG" signal.


Are there any other signals i should check which would lead me to some conclusion ?


P.S I hope i am right in concluding from Hardware ref manual and data sheet that I should get a 50Mhz Clock on CLKOUT pin right after power up, without a need to run any code. (correct me if am wrong)