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Slave to TDM Clock Domain

Question asked by db10 on Oct 31, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 4, 2014 by JohnTo

I want to bring in a TDM8 clock domain (BCLK and LRCLK) to domain 2 (for example) on the ADAU1442 Sigma DSP. I then want to set the Start Pulse Select value to "fs from serial input pair 2" so that the core is synchronized to this domain. Finally, I want to set other clock domains as Master, Enabled Outputs to drive other audio devices.


First Question: I'm counting on the Output Master domains so created being synchronous to the input TDM8 clock domain on 2 since I have set the start pulse select to the "fs from serial input pair 2". Could an ADI person please confirm?


Second Question: I don't anticipate having any audio data on serial input 2. I simply want to use clock domain 2 as a frame sync to the core. Do I still have to set the "Serial Input 2" TDM Type to "TDM8 or Flexible TDM Mode" for the start pulse selection to work? If I have to set the unused serial to TDM8 then I'll end up using 8 channels of automatic channel assignment. If I can leave the serial selection at "TDM2 Stereo" and not use the serial port for data, then I would hope to keep the automatic channel assignment count at 2 for Serial input 2.