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Informations about ADXL345-EP and ADIS16375

Question asked by nikfio on Nov 2, 2014
Latest reply on Nov 3, 2014 by venkat

Good morning engineers,

I'm an Italian student of mechatronich engineering at the University of Padua. I chose to do my bachelor's degree thesis about MEMS accelerometers and their application into IMUs. A part of my thesis consists of describing the state-of-the-art on MEMS accelerometers and IMUs nowadays and their compliance to MIL rules because I was interested in military applications. I found these two products on ADI's portfolio: ADXL345-EP and  ADIS16375.

I was wondering myself if I could ask you some more informations about them.

What kind of manufacturing technology is used for ADXL345-EP accelerometer to achieve his such small and thin dimnesions? Surface micromachining, bulk micromachining or the new DRIE and SFB?

Are there in ADI's portfolio MEMS accelerometers realized utilizing DRIE and SFB technologies?

Which MIL rules ADXL345-EP and ADIS16375 have compliance?

Are them utilized in military applications?

Here's all, hope for your help.


Best regards,

Fiorato Nicola